Audi. IAA 2019
World Idents.

For the IAA 2019 Audi came up with an all new presence. Bold, exciting  and technologically impressive the stand interpreted ‘Vorsprung durch  Technik’ in a fresh new way. Audi presented two world premieres and focused on its electric line-up featuring different answers on the  automotive mobility of the future.

Integrated in the team of Parasol Island we worked on 5 films openers,  each focusing on one of their all electric show cars. Audi positioned  its individual models in unique environments. The opener to each film  presents the core values of each Audi model through the environment and  landscape it was designed for, resulting in a modern title-sequence look  and feel.

World. Aicon

World. F19

World. AI:ME

World. e-tron

World. PB18

Client: AUDI AG
Production Studio: Parasol Island
World Idents: VoxelWolves

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